Kultura świata



About us:

We are a team of young dynamic people with extensive knowledge concerning other cultures and with experience gained during stays in countries from distinct cultural areas. Among us there are scholarship holders and members of research projects teams from Japan, India, Bangladesh, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Turkey, Taiwan and many European countries, such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia. We have coordinated or participated in various development cooperation projects in Kenya, Tanzania and also Brazil. We have done internships in diplomatic missions, governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as big news agencies in Angola, Nigeria, India and USA. For years we have been involved in numerous initiatives promoting knowledge about cultures of the world in Poland. We have conducted global and development education projects, social campaigns, film festivals, slideshows and lectures. We have been cooperating with organisations, such as The Polish Institute of Anthropology, The Foundation of Accomplished Wishes  and many others.


Our mission and goals:

Our mission is to promote intercultural exchange and education between representatives of different cultures through global development education projects, development cooperation, expeditions and research projects, as well as social campaigns and cultural initiatives.


The Foundation Goals are:

1. To promote knowledge about the culture and daily life in other countries,
2. To sensitize the Polish society to the problems of developing countries and the relations stemming from advancing globalisation processes,
3. To diminish the differences in socio-economic development in the least developed countries (especially in the following areas: education, health care, environmental protection),
4. To develop and strengthen tolerance and openness towards representatives of other cultures,
5. To act in favour of organisations with the following statute aims: research, scientific and technical activity, education and cultural activity, health care, environmental protection in other countries, especially the least developed.
6. To encourage cooperation between representatives of the NGO, governmental and business sector from Poland and other countries,
7. To promote knowledge about migration in Poland and the EU,
8. To promote volunteerism.


The Foundation fulfills its aims through the following activities:

1. Realize development aid projects, global development education,
2. Organize cultural events, festivals, performances, film festivals, exhibitions, social and education campaigns,
3. Publish research, popular science and didactic materials,
4. Educational activity, such as giving lectures, conducting trainings and workshops,
5. Provide guidance and consultation
6. Create training programmes
7. Establish contact with organisations, institutions and companies whose activities are compatible with the aims of the Foundation in Poland and abroad
8. Teach foreign languages
9. Organize and conduct tourist events



One of the Foundationʼs activities is its educational activity. Its aim is to ensure that theoretical knowledge contributes to the effective assistance in spreading knowledge about global education and practical development projects. Our aims include organizingresearch expeditions and conferences, as well as publishing. In order to contribute to the  development of knowledge about non-European countries.


Members of the Board:

Aleksandra Gutowska – President of the Board



„Cultures of the World” Foundation

ul. Wilanowska 12/15

05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna

email: kulturyswiata@gmail.com


Translation / Tłumaczenie: Justyna Kłaczany